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BOHEMIA - SET of Supply

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B0HEMIA is an extraordinarily sugaring supply for removing unwanted hair.


Pre-cleanser was carefully designed to gently cleanse the skin before sugaring procedures. It effectively cleanses and degreases the skin and enhances the result of Bohemia paste. Micellar water has great degreasing properties; moisturizing ingredients soften the skin.

Post lotion refines pores and protects skin after the sugaring procedure. Organic aloe juice soothes the skin, a complex of natural oils helps rapid healing, Neem extract has a calming and deodorizing effect. It has a  light and non-greasy texture.

Drying powder - Stardust. Creates a nice dry surface for sugaring and prevents excessive sticking of the paste to the skin. Great for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

For professional use only.